We began meeting in June 2002 in response to the desire of some members of the Christian Reformed Church of Kingston (CRCK) to reach out with the gospel in Margate and down the Channel.

One Way Christian Church was instituted as a separate church along with the other CRCK church plants in January 2010 but we do still operate under a covenant agreement with our mother church (CRC Kingston), sister churches (Bay and Summerleas Christian Churches) and our daughter churches (Redeemer Christian Church). This allows for administrative, financial and spiritual support. All our churches are part of the wider denomination of the ‘Christian Reformed Churches of Australia’.

The origin of reformed churches goes back to the Protestant Reformation of the 15th and 16th centuries in northern Europe – a reaction against church corruption and un-biblical traditions. The Reformation called for a return to the Bible with an emphasis on:

God’s Word alone as the final authority by which we are to live.

Christ as the one true Saviour of the world.

Salvation as a gift of grace alone and not by works.

We are saved by faith in Christ alone.

All of this is from God to whom we give all the glory.