Current Issues

There are so many burning issues and strong beliefs and big questions that are trending in our culture today. They are on peoples’ minds and in their hearts and are increasingly driving change in our democracy. Some of these dominate more than others and unsurprisingly churches and Christians are regularly called to give (and justify) their positions and beliefs on these matters. Many of these matters are highly emotionally charged because they represent very deep and strongly held convictions. Matters of gender identity and sexuality in particular tend to develop a life of their own and very quickly become merely an argument to be won or lost. But Christianity is not about an issue or issues. Christianity is about a person: Jesus Christ. At One Way we do have certain positions and beliefs on all sorts of matters, but in order to understand why we believe what we believe our number one belief is that we all need to understand Jesus Christ – who he is and what he is about.
At One Way we talk about all sorts of things but our deepest desire is to get to know Jesus better, and we’ve found that when that happens, things become a lot clearer – for all of us! We discover that the God who lovingly made us is full of grace and truth (grace is God’s favour towards those who actually deserve his anger and punishment!) …and offers us hope, community and a fresh start in Jesus Christ.
Many of us at One Way, who believed all sorts of things, and lived in all sorts of ways, and who still struggle with particular problems …have got to know Jesus Christ and been transformed for the better!

So, whoever you are, whatever you believe we would love to get to know you as a person and for you to join with us all in getting to know Jesus better personally. We’re not about winning arguments. We’re about loving people in the way Jesus loved people. So bring your beliefs and your convictions, your issues and your struggles!